The Alfred Nobel University is a private higher education institution. Its institutes can be found in United States of America (Florida), Zürich and in United Arab Emirates (Dubai).
Students are able to study in the economic and political centres of the world’s renowned cities. Trainings are available both full-time and online. Our system can be recognized as a British-owned sytem with centralized management. However, we offer different training to our students in each country.

What do we offer?

Online Doctor Business Training – to senior managers and businessmen.
Our prospective doctoral students can prepare their dissertations and obtain a DBA degree based on their experience gained in the fields of business and international studies with the management of international supervisor.
Master’s programmes – for those who have a college degree and aim to achieve higher level of employment in various fields.
College programmes – for those who have completed secondary school and would like to achieve higher level of positions.

Vision and mission

The philosophy of ANU : ’practical training, issuance of marketable professionals who are eager for success’.

Our policies:

  • Arousing desire for knowledge
  • Practice orientation
  • Acquisition of available knowledge
  • Marketability
  • Professionalism