Tourism sector

Hospitality Management BSc (WCI)

Students gain insight into all areas of hospitality: travel and tour organization, accommodation, catering and event management. They learn to understand and utilise business environment information to generate operational plans with a special focus on the current and emerging trends in this sector.

Hospitality Management MSc (WCI)

The course is designed for hospitality and tourism graduates and experienced hospitality and tourism managers without a first degree. It aims to identify and utilise the interrelationship between the hospitality and tourism sectors. Students explore the strategic issues in tourism development.

Finance and Funding in the Travel and Tourism Sector short course

The course provides an opportunity for students to examine the role of finance and the concept of cost, volume and profit in the travel and tourism sector. The use of management accounting information is presented with a view to decision-making. Students learn to utilise financial information to forecast and plan tourism operations.

Passenger Transport Operations short course

The course covers surface, air, and water transportation; organization, operations, and regulatory and marketing aspects. Students examine the inter‐model concept; the social, economic, and political factors that have influenced transportation priorities.

Special Interest Tourism short course

The series of niche or specialty travel forms of tourism are analysed with a focus on novel and exciting types of experiences that are sought today by an increasing number of tourists. The impact of this trend is significant in terms of the tourist engagement and even more of the products and services offered. The desire for authentic experiences and unique services generate new prospects for corporations. Students learn to develop responses to these trends by understanding how to engage with tourists and to better design the services.

Sustainable Tourism Development short course

The course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the need for sustainable tourism and the role of the planning process to ensure future developments are sustainable for the host communities and their environments. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of best practice. They will use their knowledge to review the sustainability of a selected destination and make recommendations to preserve its environmental and social fabric.

The Management of Visitor Attractions short course

This course develops understanding of visitor attractions, their appeal and their impacts through case studies. Using this understanding, learners will be able to consider the management strategies appropriate to manage visitors and minimise impacts on the environment.

Tour Operations Management short course

Students develop an understanding of how tour operators create and sell holidays and the strategic decisions involved in managing tour operations. Through case studies they learn to oversee the different areas of tour management.

Tourist Destinations short course

Students develop an understanding of tourist destinations in the UK and worldwide and knowledge of the cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations. Also an understanding of the appeal and popularity of tourist destinations and issues that could affect these.

Travel and Tourism Organisations in a Global Context short course

The course aims to develop learners understanding of the issues organisations face operating within a global context. This understanding will allow learners to review the issues currently impacting on businesses. Learners will base some of their work around businesses in a chosen national context.